Instagram Growth Program Questionnaire

RI Growth Program Questionnaire
Your order# is located on your order confirmation email
If Applicable, please provide the web address to your personal website, blog, etc.
Mobile Phone # tied to your Instagram account
This information is needed for us to access your account to run the growth campaign. Please notify us if you change your password at any point during your growth campaign.
Please be as detailed as possible
Please list your target geographical locations
Please list all target and/or relevant hashtags.
Please list the Instagram handles of your "goal" or "ideal" Instagram account
Please list the Instagram handles of the competitors in your space
The Black List is a list of all the accounts you do NOT want Rocket Ivy to interact with on your behalf during the duration of the campaign.
Please provide the best day/s and time/s for us to contact you to should we need to reach out to you for more information.
Other additional comments, ideas, etc.