A Proven Method

Our methodology is proven with many brands of our own and clients of ours. Simply put, it works every time. It’s about good targeting and knowing who you want to reach, who has audiences you want, what content it relates to, and we do the rest. After giving us this basic info about what audience you would like to reach, we can prove to you just how awesome these results can be, guaranteed. No fake accounts.

100% organic, targeted, interested followers.

Identify Similar Accounts & Target Audience

We identify similar accounts and competitor accounts then target users who are closely-aligned with your target audience.

Target the Most Active Audiences

We identify the most engaged users(i.e. those who are actively liking and commenting on posts made by accounts similar to yours or your competitors).  Since they are already following accounts similar to yours, they will also be more likely to be interested in your account and it’s content, which then increases the likelihood that they will engage with your account (i.e. like your content, follow your account, etc).

Engage and Increase Reach & Visibility

We engage with this group of filtered and targeted accounts on your behalf by liking their content or following their account, etc.  The engagement with their account will draw attention to your account because you will show up on their notifications feed which will increase your brand or account’s visibility & reach.

Refine & Optimize

As we monitor your account over time, we will start to see trends as to what works and what doesn’t and we will adjust our strategy and process to do more of what’s working to help optimize your growth results.

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