Why Does It Matter?

So you’re probably asking, why does growth on Instagram matter to me or my business?  The answer is simple, it matters as much as it is important for your brand, business, or product to be seen or known of.  You can use it as a form of marketing.

Global Reach

Instagram has over 500 million active users monthly from all over the world; what that means to your brand is that your reach can be much larger than just your regional or domestic marketing campaign, it’s global.


Users “like” over 4 billion posts a day; what that means to your brand is the increased potential for engagement.  This engagement can provide valuable stats to your business.  You may notice that certain posts will garner substantially more “likes” or “comments”, a.k.a. engagement, than others, that would tell you what the masses want to see more of so you can focus on doing more of those types of posts (i.e. posts of a certain product, theme, selfie angle, etc.).

Brand/Business/Product Awareness

60% of it’s over 500 million active monthly users say that they learned about a product or service via the platform; what that means to your brand is increased reach and engagement.  If you had to choose between 2 comparable things, would you select the brand that you’ve heard of before or the unknown?  Probably the one you have heard of, right?

Sales & Revenue

Increased Awareness of your Brand, Business, or Product coupled with increased Engagement and Global Reach are all factors that would directly affect Sales & Revenue.

Why Wait?  Start Now!

People are glued to their smartphones and social media, there’s no denying it.  You can barely walk down the street without seeing someone on their smart phone or scrolling through their social media accounts so why not get in on this marketing goldmine and see how it can benefit your brand, product, or business!  Rocket Ivy is here to help, sign up now!