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A Good Website is a Must-Have for Any Business

We’ve made websites for countless clients over the last 20 years, before we started focusing on social tools like our IG growth program.  But, the truth is if you do not have a good website to retain and convert customers or sign ups, then you’ll be leaking and losing your growth rather than retaining it and building upon it. In today’s day and age, a good website is essential for the start of a new business, or the rebirth of an old one.  If there’s any traction or growth at all for a business, influencer, brand, or Instagram account, then a website to retain and deepen engagement (including making sales) is an absolutely critical element and a must-have.

Experience Matters.  A Lot.

The amount of experience we’ve accumulated over the years is priceless.  We know how to do things right without spinning our wheels.  Our lead developer is a 20 year veteran of web development, oversees and works on all projects, and has worked with large companies like Microsoft and 3M, to medium size companies like the Broken Yolk Cafe restaurants, to unfunded bootstrap startups.  As a result, we are able to put together an effective, great looking website (with or without ecommerce) done right with best practices, every single time, and we can do it faster than almost any company out there even though we do it by hand.

Discounts for Active MyStyle Platform Licensees

If you have products that allow for user-designs and customization, we also work especially well with MyStyle Platform and their technologies, and offer deep discounts for any active MyStyle License holders.  Our solutions are a perfect base website for their customization platform.  The discount is recurring and good for the life of your MyStyle License.

Teamwork and Support from Vendors

Part of why our rates can be so competitive is that we not only have great in-house talent, but we also rely on additional full teams of people to support the theme frameworks and technologies we choose, so that you’re not just relying on us for design issues for one specific custom theme, but rather a unique configuration on a framework that has ongoing support from many people in the design and development community.  We’ve vetted our vendors and partners and use quality services to help produce a quality product, every time.   With our approach you can save a lot of money by getting the net sum of dozens of people’s work from various teams – rather than hard-to-maintain custom jobs from individual developers, or generic hosted platforms where ongoing development is not really possible without huge costs.  The old way of web design is over – and is reinventing the wheel – when fully responsive, beautiful websites are self-manageable these days as long as you set up and maintain all the right tools, and that’s exactly what we do.

CMS Systems:  WordPress is King for D.I.Y. SEO

Generally, we recommend WordPress as the best combination of effective with SEO (if setup correctly), cost effective, extensible, and easy to use, making it the best fit for most businesses that have at least some budget for their website to be competitive.  What would we know?  Well, we have helped create many #1-on-google search results from the websites we’ve built that have made substantial revenue every day for years, and the sites both look good and perform well.  Not even many SEO “gurus” can say that.

If you have absolutely no budget, you will want to try out Wix or something free or very cheap, and then once your business has some tiny bit of traction in real life, and the limitations of Wix or Weebly or Shopify begin to show and are limiting the business, then it’s time to set a budget and get onto your own site where you can build it more competitively with features that hosted platforms either won’t or can’t offer to help you differentiate. With WordPress and it’s largest global community of contributors to it’s plugin marketplace, you can always use community plugins and themes and accomplish amazing things, often for no extra cost, allowing you to go far beyond what your developers could build on a limited budget.  This is what we build so that your site content has a future with or without us, and you will never have to “start over” ever again.

Be Able to Edit Your Own Site, or Call On Us For Updates

The best of both worlds – we’ll be able to do standard edits or updates to your site, or provide support for you to edit your own website with the easy tools and login we’ll set up for you.  You won’t be limited to waiting for us to do updates, you or your staff can easily make changes to the content of the site and many of the design options.  But, we’ll be here to help with them anyway, just the same.

The Design – Choose Any Theme, or Go With a Recommended Framework.

You can choose any WordPress Theme you want, but to avoid issues and simultaneously make this an effortless process for you, you don’t need to bother.  Point us at a couple sites that you like the look of and otherwise there are a couple frameworks that we recommend that we’ll use and explain after you get started.  The thing most people don’t realize is that a web design is not a work of art, it’s an ongoing project and evolution that is meant to match form with function and purpose towards business goals.  You want to minimize accessibility issues and maintenance costs and enable change at ease.  That’s a mouthful but means we focus on goals and install and customize a theme framework that allows for the design to be adjusted and changed over time much easier than custom web developers would typically create.  We’ll set it up so that there are often controls right in the menus for your login to adjust the design, rather than a bunch of code to maintain and fix bugs with.

Good Websites Help Create Customers and Retain Growth

Most of the time, a good website is needed to establish a growth trajectory for a new business. Although we don’t focus on this service, now that we focus on the growth and reach challenges that modern brands face AFTER they launch, we can also get you from scratch to launch, or from a broken down website to a modern, clean and effective one. This is nothing you can’t hire someone else to do, as well, and we’re not hiding that.  However, you get what you pay for in most cases, and at our prices, you usually get a LOT less and no really good experience on your team.  In many cases, if you’ve tried hiring your own web developer and it hasn’t worked out, and you need a new solution that you can count on, then we can come through for you every time – and a lot of our clients have that sort of exact story.

Web development agencies can be expensive, and individuals can be flakey and unreliable, or just inexperienced. R.I. offers the best of both worlds, a small group that can focus on your exact business needs and translate that into an effective website, as well as seasoned veterans that have worked everyone from small businesses to fortune 500 companies for over a decade and have a very successful track record.

Cross-Platform Data Migrations

We’ve used and are knowledgeable of current best practices and almost every major system out there.

Please note that this does not include the cost of a data migration from a third party system.  Since every system is different – some easier than others – we’ll need to give you a separate quote if a former website’s data needs to be transferred to the new site. Pages are no big deal, but customer data, order data, product data, and especially custom data fields that past developers may have been created can be a lot of work to decipher and move to a new system. If you do not have a previous website database on a non-wordpress / woocommerce system, then you don’t have to worry about any migration cost. If you are coming from Shopify, Magento, Wix, Drupal, Joomla, OpenCart, OSCommerce, or any of the other ecommerce platforms out there, we’ll just need to know which one, and about how many customers / orders data will need to be transferred. In most cases, we recommend using another company for large migrations, after we build the shell site, but in some cases we will do both aspects in house. Contact us for a quote if you think you will need a data migration.

Hosting Included – and It’s FAST.

We can include the hosting in your subscription and provide top-notch hosting and caching for lightning fast pages.  We work with only top tier hosting companies for our cloud hosting infrastructure, to ensure uptime and speed that will keep your site competitive.  Speed is actually a huge ranking signal these days for Google, so your SEO is in fact impacted by the speed that your pages load, quite a bit.  This can make a huge difference on how much traffic you get, and how much traffic you can handle without slowing down, and proper CDN setup and caching layers to avoid server / DB load is something you don’t typically get done correctly from inexperienced teams.

Support from Real Experts

We can answer questions via email for most things, or have a call if it’s necessary, but in most cases, we’ll just already have handled it by the time we write back to your email.  With the Standard License we’ll provide up to 4 hours a month of web development for maintenance or bug issues, edits to pages, design fixes, new products or pages, testing, etc.

Our Risk-Free Guarantee As Always

Unlike your brother in law, or your friend’s guy, or the kid down the street, we can guarantee a professional, completed website or your money back. We have this policy for all of our products and services.  Results, or nothing.

Turnaround Time: 7-30 Days.

Project length can vary greatly with differing requirements from site to site, total number of pages, type of website, etc.  But in general, our turnaround time average for a new site from scratch, or a migration from a similar system, is about 30 days (blogs are much faster, about 1 week).

Next Steps

We like to keep things simple for our clients, the way we wish things were.  After you purchase this service we will contact you via email with instructions on filling out our questionnaire for us to start our analysis and planning.  If necessary, we can schedule a call to discuss the details, but really we can take it from there.  Once you purchase your plan to get started and complete our questionnaire, which will answer our main questions very easily, we then answer most, if not all of your questions as we get started on the setup and development.  We’ll have a review once setup for any revisions, and then it’s launch time.  Once we launch, you can cancel any old website or hosting services.

Thanks for your interest in working with Rocket Ivy, and we look forward to providing you a great website that is easy to manage and a reliable component for your business online.

Purchase here on this page today to get started as fast as possible.

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