Welcome to Rocket Ivy.  We’re different.  We’re fast.  We’re effective.

We guarantee results from our programs, or we don’t offer them.

We let you “set it and forget it”, and we do the rest.

We have used our methods for our own businesses with great success, and we want to share our secrets and methods with the world by providing them as a cheap service.

We know we could teach people and train them to do our methods, and we have.  But, time and time again, we have watched people not take advantage of the tools and methods we’ve shared with them, and they end up getting the best results when we just do it ourselves.  So, knowing this, we’ve packaged up all of our methods into an opaque, yet effective service.  Why opaque?  So you can focus on the things you do best, while we do the same, and not ever have to think about any of the details involved in our services.  When the results show up, and they’re real, and it’s working, and you’re growing, you’ll get it.  Until then, we invite you to try our services risk-free, as we’ll return your money if they don’t work within 60 days.

What kind of results will you get?  

Well, that varies according to industry, niche, and the competition levels associated.  In markets where there’s medium to low competition, we crush.  In higher competition markets and niches, we are effective, so much so that it’s hard to imagine trying to grow a following without our proven methods.  When it comes to our most popular service, our Instagram growth marketing, most clients have seen anywhere from 200% to 1000% growth over what they’re used to from their own efforts, though that does vary from client to client based on methodology and experiences that they have tried, but ultimately, nothing compares to our own methods because we have already tried every other service there is.

“These results are amazing! How the heck do you do this?”

Well, I could write you a novel from our own senior level tech, marketing, and social backgrounds, but the whole point here is to not have to.  We have a “black box” service, meaning you use our services without any transparency into the details of how we do what we do, but that we guarantee the results, because ultimately that’s what people want and need for their businesses – RESULTS, not methodology.  It wastes a lot of time talking to clients about how something is going to happen or all the knowledge around making decisions that are made every day, and that’s part of why agencies end up overcharging you for account management time and overloaded staff labor costs that you really weren’t planning on spending your money on.  We’re small, we’re lean, and we’re mean, and we deliver or we refund.  You’ll never overpay with us, because we’ve stripped everything out of the equation except OUR team doing the research, discovery, analysis, targeting, methodology strategy, and ultimately creating successful results.  YOUR team can focus on more important things, like running and growing your business in other ways. If you really want we can educate you every step of the way, but get ready to pay the big bucks to the tune of $10k/mo to start to sustain our whole team giving you a crash course – yuck. With our methods, we can reach budgets that even small businesses can afford, and deliver big results to clients of all sizes with no complications.

Most Marketing Agencies and SEO Services Are a Scam for Small to Medium Size Businesses

All too many times we have heard the sob stories of SEO programs gone wrong, marketing company promises run dry, etc, etc.  Those companies that basically scam at least half of their clientele with promises that can never be made without major budgets will drowned you in assurances of Best Practices, Leading Methods, Optimizaion both Semantic and Structural, yada, yada, yada.    That’s all great and all, but I always ask, “approximately what percentage of your paying clients see tangible growth results and still dominate top spots in rank today that you can show me right now?”  Guess how many firms can even answer that question – that’s right – practically none.  And the ones that do, have like 3 good examples and nothing else to show even though their client list is like 50+.

Instagram Is New, and It’s Not Clear How Some Accounts Grow So Fast!

All too many times have we heard the frustrations of people who work at their Instagram accounts only to amount 1k followers or 2k followers with 100 posts, and rightfully so, as everyone watches random pretty girls rack up hundreds of thousands of followers as amateur models seemingly overnight.  Well, that’s for one simple reason – you’re not using the tools they are using, and no we’re not talking about what yo momma gave ya.  We’re talking about engagement methods that you can research and apply yourself if you can work at it all day every day like we do.  But, do you have the time to do that?  No.  Should you make time?  No!  That’s what we’re here from, and if you’re a small or medium size business, we can guarantee we can blow away your past results, and you can get the growth you wanted very quickly, and with almost no effort on your part.

What would it mean to you to grow from 500 followers to 5,000 followers easily within a year without having to spend any time on it yourself?

What would it mean to you to grow from 5,000 followers to 15,000 followers within a year easily and with REAL targeted followers?

I know what you’re thinking, but NO-

NO fake accounts, NO inflated numbers.

We’ve done it many times.  It has been an absolute GAME CHANGER for many of our clients and our own brands.  And, we can do it again for you.  We cannot share all of our clients with you, as we respect people’s right to privacy, and are happy to render our services discretely if outsourcing marketing is not the look you want to have- we get that!

Better Than a Full Time Employee (Way Better)

We’ve known many “social media managers” who have been paid a pretty hansom salary (full time salary with benefits) to manage the instagram and facebook accounts of medium sized brands, and have not been able to produce even 10% of the results we can produce.  How is this an affordable risk for small to medium sizes businesses, especially without any guarantees? It’s really not, and that makes Instagram and other social platforms fairly inaccessible for the typical company.  WE want to put an end to this.  $99/mo.

Methods Change.  Get In While The Gettin’s Good!

Please, take advantage of our growth program and enjoy the sweet success of easy growth while it lasts, because as is always true with anything a little too good, our methods and secrets will not last forever.  At some point the world’s social platforms will advance, or even change, but there’s still plenty of time between now and then to jump on board with some of the fastest, easiest, most tangible results you’ve ever gotten for less than the cost of a part time contractor or cheap consultant!  If we had to guess, there’s probably a couple years left of our awesome programs boosting the way they do – if we’re lucky, maybe even more like 5 years!  But, that’s why we price affordably month-to-month.  Use us as long or as short as you want, and ride the growth wave until it’s been milked for all it’s worth.

Share us with your friends who have businesses that need growth, or a game changing face lift, and check back on our site as we also have seasonal and periodic opportunities that are only available certain times of year, or even just once per year (some things cannot be overdone!).

Thanks for your interest in us, and we truly hope you and your business can find easy wins with our services, or we’ll refund you your money.

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