Video/Embed Article Questionnaire

RI Video/Embed Article Questionnaire
Your order# is located on your order confirmation email
Mobile Phone # tied to your Instagram account
Please provide the best day/s and time/s for us to contact you to should we need to reach out to you for more information.
If Applicable, please provide the web address to your personal website, blog, etc.
Please provide the link to the website log-in page, user ID, and password to use to access the website
Please list all target keywords you would like used for the blog writing
Please provide links to sample videos/embed content to use as a reference
Please list your favorite YouTube accounts & Instagram accounts for Videos/Embed content
Is there a certain "tone of voice" or "vibe" you would like for the post/s?
Please list your "goal" or "ideal" Blogs/Websites for reference
Please list your competitors' blog/website
Please list things to avoid such as certain topics, keywords, phrases, etc
Other additional comments, ideas, etc.