For some sites, it can be incredibly annoying that DIVI crops the height of images into a wide aspect ratio – 16:9, I think.  For many sites it doesn’t matter  much, but for anyone who has images that have text in them,  especially near the top or bottom, or photographer or magazine websites, every inch counts.  You really can’t just be lopping off the top and bottom like that.  So, for those sites, here’s the quickest fix there is as of now.

Steps to Un-Crop Featured Images and Thumbs

  1. Install the “Code Snippets” plugin for WordPress from the WP Plugin Marketplace (free).
    It’s an alternative to editing your theme’s functions.php file or h4cking at theme files at all.
    (Or, alternatively, you can put the code into your functions.php file in your theme if you prefer, but this plugin will allow you skip all that.)
  2. Add a code snippet called something like “DIVI No Height Crop” and paste this code:

function wpc_remove_height_cropping($height) { return '9999'; }
function wpc_remove_width_cropping($width) { return '9999'; }
add_filter( 'et_pb_blog_image_height', 'wpc_remove_height_cropping' );
add_filter( 'et_pb_blog_image_width', 'wpc_remove_width_cropping' );

Publish and activate that, and you will no longer have height-cropped featured images in your DIVI theme site for all new images added. For other themes, you will have to check what the exact filter names would be, but you could more or less do the same process.

3. (optional) Regenerate Images

If you have pre-existing featured images that are already cropped, you will have to add one more step, and run the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to re-create your images at the new unrestricted height sizes.

That’s it!

Ahh yes, the smell of uncropped images in the wild.