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Analysis and SEO Optimization of your whole website structurally and content wise.

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We will sweep through the entire site, starting with the homepage and the most prominent pages, landing pages, and posts, and analyze the SEO and find ways to improve it based on known best practices and our own experience and success factors that we’ve found to be most effective over the years.


From there, we will implement changes to content, changes to theme structure or tags to enhance certain areas to help the site rank better overall.  SEO optimization changes take time to really sink in, but initial results should start coming in after Google re-indexes the site.  We will submit the site for re-indexing after we’re done to speed this up.  Results usually show in anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, but we’ll track it with tools that log the rank for all the target phrases daily.

Common Remedies and SEO Optimizations with Best Practices

We’ll also suggest remedies to common issues like duplicate page score penalties, over-optimization, internal link structure, and other more over-arching issues that can limit or bring down your site’s rank unnecessarily. Everything we do is with Google’s best practices and recommendations in mind, and also from experience with over 15 years of SEO optimization experience from our lead Senior SEO tech.

Here’s a breakdown of what we’ll do to optimize:

Our Process

  • SEO Analysis of homepage and top landing pages
    • Implement Content and Structural SEO Optimizations
  • SEO Analysis of prominent pages and posts
    • Implement Content and Structural SEO Optimizations
  • Track top phrases with third-party tracking tools for progress
  • Review Google Page Speed Analysis and fix any issues giving a low score (huge ranking factor)
  • Review Google Search Console Analysis and Stats, create a strategy for optimization to fix any issues
    • Integrate Google Search Console (if not already set up)
    • Integrate and configure Google Analytics (if not already set up)
  • Perform a third-party site audit
  • Find any additional opportunities
  • Add keyword to key places
  • Improve internal linking structure
  • Improve internal theme issues
  • Offer additional recommendations (if any)


Optimizing for Shopify?

Be aware of some of the limitations Shopify has.  It absolutely can be improved, but it most likely can never win against other platforms such as WordPress, at least not as of today.  Here’s an article with a lot of comments and points about why Shopify SEO is limited by Shopify’s system:

OPTIONAL: Migration to WordPress as an SEO Strategy

If you are interested in moving your site from Shopify to WordPress, we can do that for you.  If you’re curious to learn more about why WordPress can be a much better long term solution for your business, check out our website pricing, and our article:  Shopify vs WordPress – What’s Better?