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1. Choose a Website Package

Our website packages are the best value you can find, including hosting, and over a thousand dollars of goodies packed inside for very competitively low prices starting at $19/mo.

We use best practices to make sure your website is done right so that you will never need to “start over” ever again. 

Our team of seasoned Experts have built countless websites over the years and our experience enables us to complete a website build out fast, and one that you can count on and evolve with your business for years to come.

2. Improve an Existing Website

Do you already have a website but just need to make it better?  No problem! 

In addition to our complete website packages, we also offer website services and packages to fix, enhance, and improve your existing website.   

A website is an iterative process and a starting line.  What you do with it after launch will take it to the next levels.

For major changes, we can duplicate your site to a private staging site to review and test before going live.


3. Optimize & Increase Sales

Is your website not performing or converting as well as you would like? The truth is, it can pretty much always be better, and everyone should make “rounds” of improvement on their websites every year – even though it’s not required – it’s where things really begin to pay off.  This will ensure a competitive site that continues to improve average value per visitor.  But, people are busy!

Rocket Ivy offers Website Services and Optimization Services to fix this exact problem.

Conversion Optimization is all about tuning your website to produce more sales by converting daily visitors into goals.  Optimizations vary depending on your product category, industry, or unique business needs but always includes analysis and user experience (UX) upgrades as a solution.

How TO “DO it Right”

Best Practices Are What We Do.

Information Architecture

This involves internal link structures, categories, tags, taxonomies, and cornerstone content.  This may also include specialized plugins to accomplish the type of content needed.


Pages & Content Strategy

Establishing a roadmap for content to build a growing bank of content that brings in targeted users and allows for optimization.


Measuring how you’re doing is essential for knowing what to do next.  Get the stats you need with Analytics installed with every site we do.



There are a lot of factors that affect your website’s performance.  Out team of experts help optimize your website’s performance and speed.


Design & UX

Everything we do is mobile, desktop, and tablet compatible.  We always start with the most core aspects to get them right and build from there.  Easy navigation, standard clean layouts, clear calls to action, beautiful imagery, and on-brand for the client.  That’s a formula for a good looking site – every time.

Open Source Systems

We utilize WordPress for it’s OpenSource community of amazing plugins and resources.  We try to use as many OpenSource plugins, scripts, or libraries as possible, to ensure the freedom for sites to be able to be used and upgraded forever – even if moving hosts!

SEO Strategy

Targeting goals for search traffic and attacking optimizations to improve rank and raise traffic.

Google Listings

Let the experts set up your Google Business listing and watch your rankings improve!


Creative Copywriting

Modern search crawlers read and understand text.  Creative writing makes content a human would read but is also optimized for web search crawlers to recognize the site as a authority in the space.  

Great Reviews & Testimonials

"Everything was easy.  Getting a pro website and having it done was daunting at first and has never been this simple or reliable.  Sign up, answer some questions, get up and running, boom - done!  Even improved our content, SEO, speed, and look a lot in the process that helped a lot in getting us to the next level. 

Amazing!  Thanks for everything you do!"

Miguel B.

Owner, Organic Lice Guru

"I have gotten all of my websites done by Rocket Ivy.  I used these exact same RocketIvy packages when I decided to redesigned my personal style blog and launched my handbag brand. This is truly a perfect affordable option for businesses, bloggers, content creators. etc.  Rocket Ivy solutions are better than Shopify and Wix and can get you everything you need to be up and running!"

Nancy Hue

Founder of Nancy Hue and Cat Eyes & Candy

"I rely on Rocket Ivy as the foundation of dozens of our sites and client sites.  There is no better deal for the value and performance is scaleable."

Sean P.

Founder, MyStyle Custom Products

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