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Rocket Ivy experts will help you optimize your Google My Business page with our Google Optimization service.

Having an optimized Google Business Page listing will increase your business’ visibility and ranking with Google Search and Google Maps.  It will also help build your business / brand’s credibility as a legitimate company.  Improved ranking in Google Maps will help boost local traffic and exposure for your business.

Do you want to get on the first page of Google?  Increase your website traffic and page views?  Drastically improve your visibility on mobile searches?  Increase sales?  If so, Rocket Ivy is here to help you get the competitive advantage with our Google Optimization service.

Service Timeline

Turnaround time is typically 1 week but could be faster or slower based on our current schedule, and any requirements from client (login info, access, permissions etc) that might delay the start date.  Once optimizations have been made, results will begin to show in statistics anywhere from a day or two up to weeks later, depending on the site itself and how often it’s crawled.  Organic growth can be slow but steady.


Once the site’s results are established, they should have more longevity than an advertising campaign, because they are organic results, and not paid campaigns.  Once search rank is achieved properly, it can even last for years.  However, because of competitors, and ever-changing google standards, it’s good to optimize a web page periodically, at least once or twice a year, for any page that is part of the primary website experience.  For more competitive businesses, optimization may be appropriate more like once a month.