How Much Should I Charge for an Instagram Post?

How Much Should I Charge for an Instagram Post? Social Media is BIG and one of the biggest social media platforms at the moment is Instagram.   People are already making money on Instagram, why can’t you?  Instagram There is a common misconception that you can only make money on Instagram if you have millions of followers; that is certainly not the case, there are brands and businesses of all sizes. High engagement accounts with moderate follower numbers can add a lot of value too.  To help illustrate this, here’s a fictional example: a new small ice cream shop opens up in Sally’s neighborhood, Sally has lived there all her… Read More

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Why Switch to an Instagram Business Profile?

What is an Instagram Business Profile? Instagram rolled out their Business profiles in the middle of 2016 to help businesses distinguish themselves as such on Instagram.  The Instagram Business Profile has additional features that their Personal Profile counterpart does not, some of which are listed below. Business Profile Features Analytic Tools -Gain valuable insight into your each Instagram posts with analytics on Engagement, Impressions, Reach, etc. “Contact” Button -The contact button is linked to your business’ contact information, when users click the button, they will be given the option to call, email, or locate your business Instagram Story Links -Business account profiles with at least 10k follower have the ability… Read More

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The New Era of Influencer Marketing

The New Era of Influencer Marketing Social Media is everywhere; it’s nearly impossible to go out in public without encountering some form of social media: people taking selfies, hearing the latest buzz about the Kardashian family, people glued to their phones looking at their social media accounts, etc.. The rise of social media also brings the new era of Influencer Marketing.  Influencer marketing is a form of marketing that focuses on individuals who have an influence as opposed to brands focusing on their target audience. Content Marketing vs Influencer Marketing   Simply put, content marketing is content that brands create and distribute and influencer marketing is content that the influencers… Read More

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Instagram Growth, Why It Matters!

Why Does It Matter? So you’re probably asking, why does growth on Instagram matter to me or my business?  The answer is simple, it matters as much as it is important for your brand, business, or product to be seen or known of.  You can use it as a form of marketing. Global Reach Instagram has over 500 million active users monthly from all over the world; what that means to your brand is that your reach can be much larger than just your regional or domestic marketing campaign, it’s global. Engagement Users “like” over 4 billion posts a day; what that means to your brand is the increased potential for… Read More

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Growth Hacking - Hype vs Results

Growth Hacking Hype vs. Real Results

“Growth Hacking” is all the rage these days. The Phrase vs. The Results The phrase “Growth Hacking” itself has gone viral in such impressive ways that people should be studying that more than the tactics that celebrated growth hackers are writing about over and over again! It seems real growth is hard to find these days, even with all the articles on growth hacking you could handle telling you it’s easy. This can be both exciting and frustrating at the same time – at least that has been my experience trying to understand more about the growth hacking industry – which is still being defined at this point, but definitely… Read More

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Affordable Growth Tactics

Welcome to a New World of Results

Welcome to Rocket Ivy.  We’re different.  We’re fast.  We’re effective. We guarantee results from our programs, or we don’t offer them. We let you “set it and forget it”, and we do the rest. We have used our methods for our own businesses with great success, and we want to share our secrets and methods with the world by providing them as a cheap service. We know we could teach people and train them to do our methods, and we have.  But, time and time again, we have watched people not take advantage of the tools and methods we’ve shared with them, and they end up getting the best results… Read More

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