Top four reasons WordPress beats Shopify for eCommerce online stores

What is WordPress?

So to start you are probably wondering, what is WordPress and why is it so much better than Shopify?  Well, we are going to get to that.  WordPress is a very powerful website builder that is extremely easy to use.  WordPress website are very flexible and can be used to make many types of different websites for any type of industry.  It also has a robust content management system or “CMS”.

WordPress is suitable for professionals, bloggers, influencers, and businesses of all sizes including small businesses and startups to large corporations such as Disney, Target, The New York Times, etc.  Take your website and business to the next level with a WordPress website.

  1. WordPress is More Customizeable

    WordPress is OpenSource so you have access to the communities of open source systems and plugins.  There is virtually a website plug-in for every online store websites’ needs.  The best part is that the plug-ins are usually free or only have a low one time fee unlike Shopify or Wix who increases your monthly fees based on your upgrades.

    WordPress vs Shopify

    WordPress is better than Shopify

  2. WordPress has more Credit Card Processing Options

    Our WordPress hosted websites provide more flexibility and you are able to choose your preferred credit card processor.  In addition, you will not be subjected to additional fees and surcharges beyond what the credit card processor charges as their fees.  With Shopify, you will need to pay the normal credit card processor fees plus an additional Shopify markup fee with every sale you make.  Those markup fees add up and to a small business or startup, every bit helps.

  3. WordPress is Safer & Better Longterm

    WordPress is safer and better if you wish to have your website longterm.  Many people outgrow their Shopify or Wix website within the 1st year or less and often switch to a WordPress website.  If Shopify and Wix were to go out of business, what will happen to your website?  You will likely need to migrate it to a WordPress website.  WordPress has the most widely used CMS in the world and powers over 32% of the internet.

  4. WordPress is Cheaper

    WordPress is cheaper than Shopify which has low pricetag to start for their basic packages but require a lot of upgrade fees every time you want to add anything new that isn’t included in their basic packages.  Those new upgraded Shopify fee then becomes your new monthly bill from shopify which ends up being a lot more than their advertised prices.  WordPress is OpenSource and you can customize it to your specifications with the help of a website developer so the biggest cost is associated with the cost of the developer.  With a WordPress website, you can continue to customize your opensource website with very minimal fees.

Need a Pro WordPress Site?

Rocket Ivy offers competitive prices for WordPress hosted website packages.  A low 1 time setup fee covers the cost of your website buildout; basically, we build your website for you and you can add as many new things as your want after the initial buildout.  Included with your WordPress hosted website packages are hosting, free SSL, unlimited employee accounts, and a robust content management system.

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