Website Package Pricing

Don’t delay your site launch or pay too much to settle for limited DIY hosted platforms!

Let our experts build & optimize your site.  Then easily edit it yourself (or with our services).

* All of our packages include full websites: the build-out with clean designs that can be changed, professional performance hosting that can be scaled, support based in San Diego that can help you when needed, backups daily, SSL (secure connections / green lock) included, admin dashboard & login, SEO tools, and can have eCommerce installed (even the Starter Website package). 

All of our sites are built so that they can be extended in the future, and will never need to be re-made from scratch again, even if changing the design or domain name or hosting!

This is what it means to do it right.

All Packages Include Hosting, Backups, +Free SSL (https://)

All packages include hosting, speed-up caching, SSL Certificate and secure URLs (https://), secure / encrypted information transfer and checkout, WordPress CMS loaded with the relevant plugins for your solution, and a hand-crafted setup of all pages, widgets, and components. 

Many popular hosting companies like GoDaddy charge upwards $70/yr for SSL Certificates, but with our solutions and partners, it’s free forever!

Caching levels of optimization will depend on your website package chosen.

Migrating from Another Website Platform or Hosting Company?

If you are moving from an existing website on another host or another system, please see our Website Migrations and check if your migration is listed there.  If so, add that to your cart along with your new website subscription, and we’ll not only setup your new site, but we’ll migrate all of your old site’s content, graphics, products, etc over to your new site as well.

We do quite a lot of migrations from Shopify, Wix, Weebly, SquareSpace, and other similar popular hosted platforms.  Don’t be scared to switch, it can be the difference that unlocks your business’ true potential online!  We’ve done so many, we have the process down to migrate with no downtime and your SEO capabilities will improve!

If you don’t already have a domain name, check out Website Domain Name service

Future-Proof Your Site & Never “Start Over” Again With Open Source Platforms

Hosted proprietary platforms are always a qiuck start, but inevitably going to become outdated for any business when it reaches the limitations of the system.  And, that’s if they don’t just go out of business entirely (re: AOL).

That’s why we use open source systems, and why we will set you up so that there are no limits to what you can do with the site in the future.

Change themes, manage content, migrate hosts, change out plugins, switch companies, whatever is necessary, but never, never “Start Over” ever again!  Rocket Ivy sites are always built with forward-thinking goals in mind, even our Starter sites!