If you are in the process of building a website or looking to switch themes for your current website, it is likely that you will have come across Divi or Elementor. Divi and Elementor are the most popular page builders.  Page Builders enable users to design and build professional looking webpages from scratch without any coding experience, simply click and add boxes or blocks and move them around.  You can click on the respective blocks to edit the content and appearance of the block.  

Divi vs Elementor -Which is Better?

Ease of Use : Divi

Divi is extremely easy to use.  Easily design your page layout and add elements to your pages with Divi’s easy to use builder.  Divi also offers a library of premade templates to use while building your pages.  Divi’s user interface is user-friendly and minimal.

Plug-In Compatibility : Divi

When you work with themes and plug-ins you will find that certain plugins will cause issues that your theme or vice versa if they are not compatible.  The theme Elementor is known to have issues with websites that have other third party plugins installed and active.  It may cause aspects of certain plugins or your website to not work properly at full functionality.

Shortcodes : Divi

Divi is your go-to if you like using shortcodes.  Divi has a shortcode for everything in their shortcode library

Cost : Divi

Divi is the most popular theme is considered to be the ultimate WordPress Page Builder.  Elementor is also popular as it starts at zero cost to it’s user.  Oftentimes the choice comes down to cost and often users select the lower cost option and pay for it later on when they encounter issues and need to change page builders.

Luckily for RocketIvy users, RocketIvy website packages include Divi at no additional cost.  Get the best at the best price.