Managed Google Ad Campaign

$499.00 / month


Create and manage Google CPC ad campaign with keywords and a relevant keyword and bid strategy.

The goal is to create a campaign that generates a profit, and then scale that up to it’s maximum potential.

  • Test a minimum of 100 clicks per keyword per week and find key metrics:
    • converison ratio
    • cost to conversion
    • profit margin for the campaign (estimated profit margin / compared to the ad spend)
  • Fee does not include the ad budget, which will need to be a minimum of $100/week to roughly ballpark estimate 100 clicks at a dollar per click.  The service fee is pre-paid monthly and is non-refundable.
  • Google Ad Words account login must be provided with credit card payment info already stored.
  • Cancel any time and retain your ad account
  • Once profitable ad campaign is established, increasing daily budget to maximum (until you can’t buy any more clicks) is recommended to maximize profit
  • Weekly optimization includes:
    • weekly analysis of performance metrics
    • adjustments to bid strategies
    • optimizations for high quality ad ranking (lowers costs and increases ad rank)
    • keyword pruning (negative keyword tools)
    • up-bidding on winner keywords
    • down-bidding or blocking low performers
    • identifying best phrases and investing budget in the top performers
    • Landing page adjustments as a result of UX data