“Growth Hacking” is all the rage these days.

The Phrase vs. The Results

The phrase “Growth Hacking” itself has gone viral in such impressive ways that people should be studying that more than the tactics that celebrated growth hackers are writing about over and over again! It seems real growth is hard to find these days, even with all the articles on growth hacking you could handle telling you it’s easy. This can be both exciting and frustrating at the same time – at least that has been my experience trying to understand more about the growth hacking industry – which is still being defined at this point, but definitely exists and pushes pretty serious results for SOME brands.

So, let’s take a look at what most sites refer to as Growth Hacking, and let’s compare that to what people are really after: tangible results.

Most Growth Hacking Tactics Are the Same

If you’ve read the majority of growth hacking articles like we have, you’ve probably noticed they all talk about Dropbox and other top-tier brands that have used referral strategies and a viral loop of some kind to push sharing hard with some incentives…  I have a problem with this, having read it 100 times & not gotten anything new out of it:

The Same Old Dropbox Example.

Ok great, so Dropox built a share incentive and made it an invite style entrance into the program… That’s not really growth hacking in the way most small and medium sized businesses are looking for it, though.  It’s a good example of how you can build incentives into sharing, but I don’t really see anything “hacky” or short cutty about it.  It’s growth being engineered into the model in a pretty obvious way, if you think about it.  The very phrase “hack” suggests a shortcut, and a build-out and management process that’s so minimized that it doesn’t need a Dropbox size budget with 6-figure salary execs and engineers working their asses off – so that’s where I don’t see how this manages to make it into every “growth hacking” article…  The hack here seems to be have a huge budget and top talent managing a well thought out program…. they don’t need hacks. They have well executed strategies.

The Round-About Ways of Baiting People into List-Building

Many other articles will tell you to push subscribe popups or other annoying ways to get people to subscribe to your list, so that you can build a large email list.  Some articles go the “e-book” or “infographic” or “free download” route with this.  Again, I don’t think this is a “Growth Hack” because your doing a bunch of work to create collateral as the incentive to bring people in, in the first place.  This is just having good content, making some assets, and giving them out to get people in the door or on a list.  This, just like incentives for sharing loops are perfectly viable strategies for growth.  But, they’re full strategies!  They’re not a “hack” that gets you quick wins or circumvents large dev tasks in favor of quick and dirty hacky ones that level your business up.  So again, I hate these tips.  These tips should not be labeled “growth hacking” because that actually makes it more confusing to understand what should really be called something more like “Marketing Online with Sharing and Email List Building”.

So What Is Growth Hacking?

For us, it’s tactics that are based in some setup, programming, or even manual but nonetheless program-based efforts and tactics that take far less effort to yield much larger returns in the growth category than traditional marketing tactics like incentive-based list building and sharing – those programs are absolutely what the business should be trying, but that’s for anyone and everyone to do and it’s obvious.  WE want growth hacks that are more traditional hacks – that is, not obvious and capitalized on by only those in the know.  That’s where we feel our service might be one of the best growth hacks we’ve ever seen.

Truly Good Hacks Are Never Obvious

To us, there is an element of the unknown that surrounds the best hacks, because inherently a hack is a hack because other people don’t see it.  No matter how big, how small, how complex, or how simple, most hacks exist simply because they are not the obvious, or in some cases, they are there the whole time and so simple that most people never realize they are there until it’s too late.  The same could be said about massive hacks like back-doors that are discovered a decade after their existence has been exploited by the government, experts, and other early-adopters that are in-the-know enough to take advantage before the window of main stream adoption sucks all of the effectiveness out of it.

The Best Growth Hacks Are Temporary Opportunities

Once the main stream adopts a growth hacking technique, it loses effectiveness.  Even with something like email marketing, which is now the definitive #2 most profitable traffic source for almost any ecommerce business, the early-adopters that got out in front of the tactics before the rest of the world got on board made a killing because the world had not yet been over-saturated with spam offers in email.  Eventually, even email will be ruined for marketers like phones have been, and something new will have taken over with more effectiveness.  Right now, in 2017, this trend is undeniably a shift towards social.  More audiences are accessible through social media than ever before, and through new ways and connections that never existed before.  As a result there are certain tactics that work RIGHT NOW that will most likely not work years from now.  Like any good hack, patches are made, people respond, and either so many people jump in that it gets de-valued naturally, or it gets patched / blocked / removed / fixed in some way that the hack isn’t effective anymore or maybe just gone completely.  Even the author of Marai, the last bot-net platform that took down almost every major website in the USA last year with one of the most impactful hacks in Internet history has moved on from IoT bot-net hacks saying that “it’s over” when millions of other people are just now getting into trying to use it.  He’s smart.  He realizes opportunity is magnified by timing, and that the knowledge of the platform now being so widespread that it’s more or less ruined if you want the kind of results that blow everything else away.  Our services would never use anything black-hat like that, we do recognize that the pattern holds true.  We only use best-practice based LEGAL tactics, but the same basic truth holds true for our strategies and is why we keep them secret.  This won’t last forever, but while it does, the results are so good, you really just have to fill your cup while you can.

Growth Hacking Is Hard.  Use Ours and Leverage Our Success.

Growth hacking isn’t easy.  If it’s not technically challenging, then it’s spotting the opportunity in the first place.  If it’s not seeing the opportunity, then it’s building it, or it’s some other challenge – it’s ALWAYS something.  That’s usually why opportunities exist for some people and not for others – some people are willing to get past the tough part with talent, tactics, or money, and once they’re over that challenge they can reap the returns where others have already quit.  We offer our growth services to you knowing that we’ve already crossed that bridge, already conquered that challenge, already proved our strategy with our patterns and have almost 100% success rate.

Talk Is Cheap.  Results Are Real at Any Price.

Get on board with us so that we can share real results with you.  Ultimately, we don’t want to turn you into a growth hacker.  We don’t want to educate you on the technical side of what we do and how we do it.  Don’t get me wrong – we could.  We have former professors, expert engineers, friendly USA-based professionals that have decades of experience with every size business.  We could probably run a seminar, do talks, all that yada yada.  But, that’s not our mission.  Our mission is to do all the hard parts and offer you a secret weapon at such a low price, that it can only work one way:  simple.  1 consultation so we can understand your business, and we pull the trigger on our team executing a program that works every time.

Results Guaranteed or Your Money Back

Marketing is a risk.  You invest in outreach, advertising, PR, CPC, PPC, social ads, content marketing, SEO, and the list goes on.  All that and there’s no guarantee that you’ll actually get any tangible results.  It sucks for a small business who can barely justify spending money, let alone on something that doesn’t guarantee a tangible value only IF it succeeds – which is a big IF.  That’s where our model is designed to solve that exact problem for small to medium size businesses that want to go from 0 to 1000, to 10,000, or 20,000, or as far as you want to take it.  If we don’t PROVE better growth than your account got before, we will give you your money back so that it’s a RISK FREE marketing spend for your business.  We’re proud to be able to make this offer, and we wish we had this with our own businesses like this 10 years ago, but it simply just didn’t exist yet, back then.

Get On Board!

The growth rocket is leaving the station, and we want you on board to share in the results that thousands of people have built real audience and business growth with all over the world.  We hope you are able to enjoy the same results we have, and that it helps you reach your next level without huge costs or risks.

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