What is an Instagram Business Profile?

Instagram rolled out their Business profiles in the middle of 2016 to help businesses distinguish themselves as such on Instagram.  The Instagram Business Profile has additional features that their Personal Profile counterpart does not, some of which are listed below.

Business Profile Features

Analytic Tools

-Gain valuable insight into your each Instagram posts with analytics on Engagement, Impressions, Reach, etc.

“Contact” Button

-The contact button is linked to your business’ contact information, when users click the button, they will be given the option to call, email, or locate your business

Instagram Story Links

-Business account profiles with at least 10k follower have the ability to add links to  their account’s Insta-Stories


Why switch to the Instagram Business Profile?

Metrics, Metrics, Metrics!  What’s business without the numbers, right?  When you have a bunch of products to sell and you want to sell more, you’re likely going to push the bestsellers or similar products since they have done well in the past.  This concept can be apply to your social media posts and content as well.  When you have metrics to compare, you are better able to assess and see which posts or types of posts are getting the most engagement (i.e. likes, comments, etc).  So in order to get more engagement, the next logical step would be to do more of those types of posts.  Doing so will help your account be more aligned with what your audience.

If you are a business, run ads on Instagram, or use Instagram for marketing, then the Instagram Business Profile is something you should consider!

Are you ready to upgrade your Instagram account to a Business profile?

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