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Instagram Posting Service/s

Regularly posting to Instagram can definitely be a full-time job and we here at Rocket Ivy understand that not all companies have the budget for a dedicated full-time employee to handle their social media account/s so that’s where we come in.  For a low monthly price, our seasoned professionals will do your Instagram posts for you.


What’s Included:

Instagram Posting Services, 1 to 7 posts per week based on package selected for 1 Instagram account

1 curated image or video per post  (can re-post content from other accounts as appropriate)

1 caption with the use of emoji’s per post as appropriate

At least 5 targeted hashtags per Instagram post, specific tags or hashtags upon request


*Please note that this purchase is for posting services only, it does NOT include content creation.  If you would like to have content created for you, please check out Rocket Ivy’s Additional Services HERE


What We Need from You:

Access to your social media account/s

Completion of the RocketIvy “Instagram Post Questionnaire” to help us better understand your brand’s voice and overall messaging, and develop your social calendar (preferred posting frequency, dates, and times, etc)



Can I provide my own images or content for the social posts?

Yes, provide us with the content and a brief description along with any photo credits or tags and we will post it for you!


Can I provide you with my own hashtags / # for the social posts?

Of course!  Simply provide us with the hashtags / #’s and we will add it to the post for you!


Will you add tags or hashtags / # to the respective posts?

Of course!  This service is available at no additional cost, specific tags or hashtags upon request so don’t forget to let us know that you want us to add hashtags.  Our Rocket Ivy professionals will add at least 5 targeted hashtags to each of the respective posts that we do on your behalf.  


Will the posted content be aligned with my brand’s voice and overall messaging?

Yes, after subscribing to this service, we will provide you with our Rocket Ivy “Instagram Post Questionnaire”.  Your responses will help us better understand your brand’s voice and overall messaging.


I only want to post on certain days or times, can you accommodate that?

Of course, your dedicated account manager will work with you to develop your social calendar.


My company is small, do I even need a social media account?

Having a strong social media presence is a must for brands, businesses, and companies of all size in this day and age.  It has a global reach, increases brand awareness, which helps affect your business’ sales and revenue.  It is critical in this technological age where people are attached to their cellphones on their social media accounts; if you are able to harness that, it will do wonders for your brand.  Rocket Ivy

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